Road striping still an issue after two attempts


Lane stripes on River Road North remain hard to see during rainstorms even after a second attempt at restriping them last fall. 

Keizer Public Works Director Bill Lawyer has requested a meeting with Marion County officials to determine what could make the striping more reflective. 

The city first requested a restriping in spring 2020, but the equipment was offline for repairs and action was further delayed by the pandemic. 

“We believe they are better than last winter, however they are still not as reflective as we would like them,” Lawyer said. “We will be discussing this issue with Marion County staff to see if there is a change in the process or materials that can be done to improve the visibility of the lane markings.”

Contrary to intuition, the reflective properties of lane stripes do not come from the paint itself. The source is actually glass beads blown into the paint in a two-step process.