Spring season suspended for prep sports

McNary outfielder Alexa Cepeda is one of the top senior softball players in the state. But there is a chance that she, and many other McNary seniors, won’t be able to finish their final season of high school sports (File).

The entire sports world, including the OSAA, came to a standstill last week.

On Friday, March 13, the OSAA announced they were suspending interscholastic practices and contests for sports and activities for all member schools until at least March 31.

This decision came after the OSAA canceled all remaining winter state championships the week prior.

“As this unprecedented public health emergency continues to evolve, we believe that the responsibility to our member schools and communities regarding the health and safety of participants remains our highest priority,” said Peter Weber, OSAA Executive Director.

Baseball, softball, boys track and field, girls track and field, boys golf, girls golf, boys tennis and girls tennis are all sanctioned sports through the OSAA. Club sports, like lacrosse, will also be put on hold. 

During a 48-hour period, the OSAA went from playing their state championships with fans in the stands to canceling the final week of the season for all winter sports teams still competing and suspending all spring sports activities. 

Needless to stay, it was a stressful time for athletic directors all around the state.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it,” McNary athletic director Scott Gragg said. “We would come up with a plan, and then something would change.”

“But it’s our role as leaders to make sure that we are a calming, peaceful presence during this time.”

During the suspension, all organized activities will be prohibited from the McNary campus. The district will be monitoring field usage and Gragg said he wouldn’t be surprised if community use was limited or denied. 

If the suspension is lifted on April 1, Gragg says that he will follow the recommendation from the OSAA on how to proceed. 

“If or when the season continues, we will probably be getting more guidance as to what that looks like. Whether or not those games that were canceled will be rescheduled, that will be up to the OSAA. We will follow all of their guidance,” Gragg said. “There will probably be some acclimation period where practices can continue and then contests will start.”

However, there is a very real possibility that high