Dutch Bros. gives back

On Friday, Feb. 14, Dutch Bros Coffee and its customers raised $483,346 for local nonprofits fighting hunger, which translates to a record 1,450,038 meals served across the seven states where Dutch Bros operates.

“This issue touches all of us and we are so thankful to our employees, customers and local nonprofits for helping our communities stay healthy and successful,” said Travis Boersma, co-founder and CEO of Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros and its customers have supported organizations working to end hunger for 14 years. Dutch Luv Day began as a canned food drive in 2007 and has grown to an annual, one-day fundraising event. Harnessing the impact of more than 380 locations in seven states, every dollar raised went to an organization addressing a community’s specific needs. Since 2007, Dutch Bros has raised more than $1.5 million to support those experiencing food insecurity.

Of the $483,346 raised Salem-Keizer area locations accounted for $15,461, which was donated to the Marion Polk County Food share.