Getting to know our neighbors

Allen Freebury

Allen Freebury retired to Oregon in 2007 with his wife. He worked a total of 21 jobs after two years of college. He decided not to finish his four year degree because after two years he decided he was ready to join the workforce. He spoke proudly of his three children, a son in Seattle and two daughters in New Mexico. He had a lot of advice for the younger generation: learn U.S. history, create a job track record and most importantly, “keep the course, take good care of yourself.”

Beverly & Jack Tincknell

Jack Tincknell moved to Oregon when he was 14 years old. After high school he joined the Navy; he did contracting work overseas after that. Upon moving to Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community about a year and a half ago, Jack was adopted by the three baby Nigerian dwarf goats, – Patches, Heidi and Ginger, – who consider him their dad. Jack said they’re extremely friendly and often look for food in people’s pockets. The residents dressed the goats up for the Civil War football game last year. His advice for young people is to get an education.

Beverly Tincknell moved to Oregon from Wisconsin when she was 13. She graduated from Salem High School (now North Salem High School.) After she graduated she got a job as a secretary, with no college degree, and worked there for 27 years. She and Jack got married when they were in their 40s and the two fondly remembered traveling a lot for his Navy reunions. She echoed the advice of her husband, “I got a job right out of high school but that’s hard to do nowadays,” she said.

Shirley & Don Knepp

Don Knepp served in the Army for two years after his first year of college. After getting out of the service, he graduated with a degree in chemistry and then earned a master’s in teaching. He has been married to Shirley for 54 years. They spent 20 years in Pendleton where he taught seventh grade science and then moved into minsitry for 10 years, “I can tell you honestly that teaching is far more stressful than ministry,” he said with a laugh. His advice to young people is to take care of the Earth.

Shirley Knepp graduated from Portland State as a teacher. She began to work in Salem but then went on the mission field with the United Methodist Church. She married Don and ran a daycare for 15 years in Pendleton. They lived on or near Umatila Reservation during their years in Pendleton. In her retirement, she enjoys serving as a deaconess in the United Methodist Church. Both she and Don volunteer at the Riverfront Carousel, they said they’ve worked on all but five of the horses. They also enjoy traveling and recommend visiting Malta.