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The Fall Guy doesn’t fall, he flourishes 

Movies are silly things when you really think about it, yet those who work in the industry can take them unbelievably seriously at the same time. 

Some even risk their lives to see that just a few seconds of a film looks good, and it is these lamentably ignored thrill-seekers, the stuntpeople, that The Fall Guy, a movie loosely based on the ‘80s television show of the same name, looks to celebrate in style.

A dark and beautiful comedy

There have been a few films that I have seen over the years that I was not even aware were considered black comedies until I looked them up on Wikipedia long after the fact, and I am never sure if this is because the ratio was off or if I just wasn’t dialed into the humor for whatever reason. On the Count of Three has a good deal of this unevenness, but it has even more moments where the balance is pretty darn good.