Hey kids! Be part of No Adults Allowed

When was the last time you got curious? We’re not talking about the last time you asked your parents a question, they gave an answer and you thought that was enough. We mean asked-your-parents-and-your-teacher, searched-the-internet, checked-out-a-book-at-the-library-curious. That’s radical curiosity and, if you’ve got it, we want you to . .[Read More…]

Ready to be (Capt.) Marvel-ed?

Artwork by McNary High School senior Kianna Johnson. Follow her on Instagram: @oozean Over the years there have been several Captain Marvels, but Marvel Studios will release its first Captain Marvel film this month. In the comics, Carol Danvers (the character in the upcoming movie) starts out as a United[Read More…]

Fun Facts

• Marvel once trademarked the word “zombie.” • Spider-Ham (aka Peter Porker) has a 17-issue comic series. • Venom was created by a fan and purchased for $220. • Luke Cage was the first black superhero with his own comic. • Iron Man and Captain America are tied for the[Read More…]

Why we celebrate our presidents

Most of us didn’t have school on Monday, and while I’m always up for a three-day weekend, I never knew why Presidents Day was important when I was a kid. I figured it had something to do with presidents but I couldn’t tell you much more than that. Presidents Day[Read More…]

Fun facts

• William Henry Harrison was the ninth president of the United States, his grandson Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd. • The youngest president was Teddy Roosevelt. He was 42 when he was first elected president. • James Madison and George Washington were the only two presidents to sign the Constitution.[Read More…]