Author: T.J. Reid

Stowaway tucks good moments into messy plot

Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim and Anna Kendrick tackle some tough questions in Netflix’s Stowaway. Our reviewer says the story requires viewers to make too many leaps of faith, but there are worthy moments along the way. “Do not grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many, outweigh…”[Read More…]

Netflix art heist doc needs focus

One thing that I’ve always appreciated about streaming services is that they give film and television makers an unprecedented level of creative control that might not be possible through more “traditional” means. Free of outside pressures such as strict rating guidelines, the need to attract advertisers, and time constraints, platforms[Read More…]

A beast brawl free-for-all on HBO Max

When RKO released the cultural touchstone that is King Kong in 1933, the titular titan served as a dire warning of how man should not exploit nature or attempt to control it for selfish reasons. When our other favorite giant beastie, Godzilla, showed up 21 years later, he was a dark, serious[Read More…]

Netflix pirate doc is (AAARRGH) painful

Our reviewer says The Lost Pirate Kingdom is a mix of genres that fails to gel. When the Disney World first opened in 1971, there was one Disneyland attraction that was conspicuously missing: Pirates of the Caribbean. According to park lore, this was done because it was initially believed that Floridians would[Read More…]

Nomadland a meditation on restlessness

I was a sophomore in high school when The Great Recession hit, but if my future grandchildren were to ever ask me what it was like to live through such a historic time, the only thing I could respond with would be shrug. Not only was my past ignorance and[Read More…]

Reviewer: Outside the Wire is more grind than gold

Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris star in Netflix’s Outside the Wire. We live in a world that has had flying cars and robots that are indistinguishable from humans for at least two years. This advancement has happened despite the perpetual war that has been fought by our totalitarian superstate for[Read More…]

Netflix’s The Ripper is a satisfying hit of true crime

The Ripper follows the hunt for Peter Sutcliffe (pictured in second row, second from the right), a serial murderer of 13 women, among numerous other acts of violence. I have always been (somewhat guiltily) interested in the stories and psychology behind serial killers and, if the overstuffed-to-the-point-of-bursting world of true[Read More…]

Pixar’s Soul has that and more

As we reached the beginning of what hopefully will be the final stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, the storied studio behind some of your favorite animated features made the surprise decision to release Soul, the latest entry in the Pixar canon, for free to people that already subscribe to Disney+.[Read More…]