Author: Terri Schlichenmeyer

Book review: “Lightning Down”

The storm’s a-coming. You can smell it in the air: rain’s on the way, maybe thunder, maybe more, but the high winds are what you hate. They make you run for shelter and pray hard. The storm’s a-coming, and in “Lightning Down” by Tom Clavin, it’s never as mild as you hope[Read More…]

Book review: “I’ll Take Your Questions Now”

You’re not using semaphore flags. Nope, what you’re saying is clear and concise, spoken in plain language, enunciated, not rushed. You’re not mumbling, you’re communicating as precisely as possible but as in the new book “I’ll Take Your Questions Now” by Stephanie Grisham, it’s possible, even still, that the message is received all . . .[Read More…]

Book review: “Gastro Obscura”

You had a sandwich for lunch again today. If you had to estimate, you’ve eaten thousands of those things over the last five years. Chicken sandwiches. Sandwiches with lunch meat. Sandwiches with a burger. Vegetarian sandwiches. Grilled cheese sandwiches, yeah, you could be in a rut. So tomorrow, why not try . . . You have reached content available exclusively to Keizertimes digital[Read More…]

Book review: “It’s Your Funeral”

How do you say “goodbye”? How can you let go, knowing that it’s the last time, the last moment, that the laughs you shared, the meals, the trips are over? How do you take your leave, and leave behind nothing but good memories? You read “It’s Your Funeral!” by Kathy Benjamin,[Read More…]

Book review: “Dare to Know”

Two plus two equals four. It’s one of the things you can’t deny. It’s a fact, no matter what. Another: change will occur. And: people will surprise you sometimes. These are things we hang out hats on, things that are immovable, like taxes and death. As in “Dare to Know” by James Kennedy, they’ll happen,[Read More…]

Book review: Adult camping books

The silence is intense. It was the first thing you noticed: no cars, no neighbors’ radios, no sirens, nothing but crickets and the sound of wind through leaves. The second thing you noticed were the stars because, without street lights, you can see them. Sometimes, you wish you could camp forever or[Read More…]