Something Forgotten

Jim Taylor Always prepare for a camping or fishing trip early. That’s my mantra, seldom followed. A couple of weeks ago my friend Tom and I took a road trip to fly fish upper Klamath Lake. I had gotten new tires for my drift boat trailer, fully charged the batteries[Read More…]

The Brat

As 2021 gets underway, we all reflect on the past year as the disturbed child of an otherwise normal and happy family. This delinquent child brought wrath down on us all. Even those of us who just wanted to go fishing. Winter steelhead fishing on the coastal rivers has become[Read More…]

A bucket of luck

Whey do some people always catch fish?  Why does one person catch all the fish on a particular day and the next day not get a bite while his friends — who were fishless the day before — catch fish after fish?  This sometimes random occurrence has intrigued fishermen since[Read More…]

Money down the drain

The Army Corps of Engineers plans to spend up to half a billion dollars to build a water-mixing tower and fish enhancement project at Detroit Dam. Is it a waste of tax money?  How much is $500,000,000? It’s a number us average mortals have a hard time getting a grip[Read More…]

If the shoe fits

What’s with women and shoes? They like to shop for them, buy them and collect them. I’ve never understood this feminine phenomenon. Shoes are so pedestrian. Give me a good pair of sneakers and I’m good to go until they become ragged. Then I go buy a new pair. Now[Read More…]

Fishing! The tug is the drug

Everyone should have a passion for something. For some it’s their vocation and that’s laudable. For me, it has always been fishing. I enjoy my work but it is a way to a means. It all started when I caught my first fish on a fly when I was 4[Read More…]