Author: Eric A. Howald

City will get to plan for fewer new residents

Keizer may not need to accommodate nearly as many new residents in the coming decades. Two years ago, the city was asked to plan for nearly 10,000 new residents. New, tentative population estimates cut the forecast by more than half. Despite the radical change, some on the Keizer City Council[Read More…]

You say you want a revolution? These ladies have a plan

Jessica Cavanaugh as Olympe De Gouge and Lemon Marin as Marianne Angelle conspire together during dress rehearsals. The cast and director of the newest Keizer Homegrown Theatre production, The Revolutionists, agree the play only became more relevant during its year-long delay from casting to stage. “My character, Charlotte Corday, is[Read More…]

ODFW sounds all clear on backyard feeders

Oregon bird enthusiasts can put their yard feeders out once again. Earlier this year, officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife asked residents to take down feeders to halt the spread of salmonella among some local bird populations. The disease appears to have run its course in the[Read More…]