Author: Charles Glenn

Energy Trust offers cost-saving solutions

Energy Trust of Oregon is a taxpayer-funded service available to qualifying residents and business-owners in Keizer and around the state specializing in helping consumers save energy and money. Thousands of dollars in incentives are available to qualifying individuals and businesses, such as $250 toward a new high-efficiency air conditioner, up[Read More…]

ServeFest returns to Keizer Aug. 28

ServeFest is a free annual event coordinated by Lakepoint Community Church since 2006 and held at the Keizer Community Center, in which local barbers, medical professionals and members of the congregation and community donate their time and skills to help those in need.  Lakepoint is bringing ServeFest back to Keizer[Read More…]

Lakepoint Community Church finds a home

In a display of ecumenical harmony, two local Foursquare churches are now sharing space for services each Sunday. Since Aug. 7, Lakepoint Community Church has been holding their services at the Shekina Fellowship, a Spanish-language Foursquare church in Salem.  “We’ve always been a mobile church, since we started,” said Lakepoint’s[Read More…]

KeizerFEST 2022 pleases all

Despite the change of venue and scheduling for the hottest month of the year, KeizerFEST 2022 was a big hit. Official attendance numbers aren’t yet available, but estimates go as high as several thousand just for the parade, and the Southeast Keizer Neighborhood Association reported having more than 1,800 visitors[Read More…]

Land conservation committee delivers 400-page set of rules to Keizer for climate reduction, equity

Oregon’s Land Conservation Development Commission (LCDC) recently completed a rule-making plan for the Salem-Keizer metro area designed to meet the state’s climate pollution reduction and land ownership equity goals. Two members of the commission presented their plan to the city’s Planning Commission during an Aug. 10 meeting at City Hall.[Read More…]

Cherriots offers onsite training for the mobility-impaired

As a rule, every Cherriots bus is equipped with a boarding ramp and a power-lift, meeting ADA requirements and providing access for mobility-challenged commuters. However many Cherriots patrons are using mobility equipment which is too large and unwieldy to safely use the system without help and some practice. This is[Read More…]