Salem-Keizer “Working Together” sign smashed

The Salem-Keizer “Working Together” sign damaged with what appear to be vehicle tracks leading to the damaged sign

(More information for this story will be released as it is gathered.)

The Salem-Keizer “Working Together” sign and brick wall, located at the bifurcation of River Road and its intersection with Stark Street has apparently sustained heavy damage. 

Calls with local law enforcement have so far not produced results as to when or why the signage was most recently damaged.

At the scene, tire tracks can be seen in the grass spanning from the edge of the sidewalk to the sign itself. 

The tracks appear to be heading in a northerly direction and they go straight from the curb to the sign.

The sign itself is bent towards the bottom half and the surrounding bricks have been heavily damaged. 

Calls to towing companies in the area revealed no recent towing had occurred from that spot for the last several days. 

The area is an apparent hot spot for crashes with several happening over the last several years and a drunk driving incident occurring last June which also resulted in the sign’s damaging.

(If anyone can provide more information about the sign, please reach out to [email protected] or call 503-390-1051.)

The tire tracks (seen on the bottom as the lighter colored grass) leading from the curb and terminating at the sign itself
Broken glass found at the scene amongst damaged bricks
Not only the brick wall sustained damage but the sign itself appears to be bent at the bottom

Contact Quinn Stoddard
[email protected] or 503-390-1051

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