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McNary swim competes at district championship qualifier

The McNary boys and girls swim teams participated in a district swim tournament at Salem’s Kroc Center on Feb. 9 and 10.

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay Placed 3rd with a time of 2:08.63

     Sophomore Meili Skipper (backstroke)

     Sophomore Andrea Guevara (breaststroke)

     Sophomore Evelyn Hales (butterfly)

     Sophomore Madeleine McLain (freestyle)

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay Placed 3rd with a time of 1:57.78

     Jr Caed Christensen (backstroke)

     Jr Cameron Harrington (breastroke) 

     Sophomore Cole Pedersen (butterfly)

     Jr Brayden Kaehler (freestyle)

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle

     Jr Bri Barker Placed 6th 2:35.75

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle 

     Jr Grant Schaffer Placed 3rd  2:02.93

     Jr Jacob Olmos Lopez Placed 10th 2:32.61

Girls 200 Yard IM

    Sophomore Andrea Guevara Placed 5th 2:43.94

     Freshman Stella Pedersen Placed 8th 2:59.01

Boys 200 Yard IM

     Jr Caed Christensen Placed 6th 2:43.86

     Sophomore Gideon Carpenter Placed 10th 2:53.46

Girls 50 Yard Free

    Sophomore Evelyn Hales Placed 3rd 28.38

    Sophomore Madeleine McLain Placed 6th 29.59

    SophomoreTaylor Madsen Placed 7th 29.72

    Sophomore Meili Skipper Placed 8th 29.81

Boys 50 Yard Free

     Jr Brayden Kaehler Placed 6th 24.61

     Sophomore Cole Pedersen Placed 11th 26.14

     Jr Zunder Luke Avellaneda Placed 15th 29.38

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly

     Sophomore Cassidy Kerner Placed 5th 1:28.69

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly 

     Sophomore Cole Pedersen Placed 7th 1:12.41

Girls 100 Yard Free

     Sophomore Madeleine McLain Placed 6th 1:06.51

     Freshman Stella Pedersen Placed 8th 

     Senior Molly Eisele Placed 9th 

     Sophomore Alayna Garcia Placed 1:11.82

Boys 100 Yard Free

     Jr Brayden Kaehler Placed 5th 54.90

     Jr Cameron Harrington Placed 6th 55.36

     Freshman Grant Woodard Placed 14th 1:06.27

     Jr Jacob Olmos Lopez Placed 16th 1:08.57

Girls 500 Yard Free

      Jr Bri Barker Placed 9th 7:10.22

Boys 500 Yard Free 

      Jr Grant Schaffer Placed 3rd 5:43.01

      Sophomore Kamryn Klassen Placed 7th 6:53.44

      Sophomore Gideon Carpenter Placed 10th 7:10.16

      Jr Joseph Sanders Placed 14th 8:43.02

Girls 200 Yard Free Relay Placed 4th

    Sophomore Andrea Guevara

    Sophomore Meili Skipper

    Sophomore Madeleine McLain

    Sophomore Evelyn Hales

Boys 200 Yard Free Relay Placed 4th

     Sophomore Cole Pedersen

     Jr Cameron Harrington 

     Jr Grant Schaffer

     Jr Brayden Kaehler

Girls 100 Yard Back

     Sophomore Evelyn Hales Placed 5th 1:13.36

     Sophomore Meili Skipper Placed 7th 1:16.62

     Sophomore Nadalyn Delarosa Placed 12th 1:36.19

Boys 100 Yard Back

     Jr Caed Christensen Placed 5th 1:09.39

     Sophomore Kamryn Klassen Placed 8th 1:22.16

Girls 100 Yard Breast 

     Sophomore Andrea Guevara Placed 3rd 1:17.32

     Sophomore Taylor Madsen Placed 4th 1:23.59

     Sophomore Cassidy Kerner Placed 10th 1:31.39

     Senior Molly Eisele Placed 12th 1:41.85

Boys 100 Yard Breast 

     Jr Cameron Harrington Placed 7th 1:18.72

     Senior Eli Staley Placed 10th 1:19.49

     Zunder Luke Avellaneda Placed 14th 1:23.79

Boys 400 Yard Free Relay Placed 5th 4:13.59

     Jr Caed Christensen 

     Freshman Grant Woodard

     Jacob Olmos Lopez

     Jr Grant Schaffer

McNary Boys Placed 4th Overall with a score of 282

McNary Girls Placed 3rd Overall with a score of 287

Top McNary Point Scorer Jr Grant Schaffer with 32 points 

Top McNary Point Scorer Sophomore Evelyn Hales and Andrea Guevara with 30 points

Andrea Guevara competes in the 200 yard individual medley.
Cole Petersen in the 100 yard butterfly.
Stella Pedersen performs the backstroke in the 200 yard individual medley.
Taylor Madsen starts the 50 yard freestyle.