Keizer’s Strategic Plan survey returns

 In January 2023, the City of Keizer began its journey to create its 5-year plan for the future. Now, its survey is available again to gather more data for that plan. 

The survey can be found on the City of Keizer’s website,, as well as the city’s, the Keizer Police and the Keizer Fire District’s Facebook pages.

The 5-year plan showcases a new mission as well as the values, visions and goals that describe the intentions and desires of the community at large. 

The plan will also serve as a framework and guide for the city to create a better system of accountability for what happens as well as creating goals driven by the wants and needs of the community, such as improved service delivery. 

The plan is meant to serve as a guide for all residents regardless of race, creed or religion and will serve as a living document representing the city’s vision for the future. 

More input is needed from the community to ensure that as many voices in Keizer are captured as possible so that any future plans are truly representative of everyone. 

No matter who you are or what you do, if you are a Keizer resident, your opinion matters when it comes to the direction of the city. 

The Strategic Plan currently has five main goals with a series of sub-goals composing each one.

Goal One: Safety + Supportive Services

Promote a safe, healthy and attractive community to preserve the quality of life for all

Goal Two: Transportation + Mobility

Develop and enhance transportation infrastructure to support a safe, mobile and connected community

Goal Three: Economic Development

Align resources with financial and economic policies to support a thriving local economy

Goal Four: Engaged Community

Improve communications and strengthen relationships within the community and organization to build trust, support decision making and foster a welcoming community for all

Goal Five: Community Growth

Responsibly plan and invest in community infrastructure and built environment to foster sustainable growth that preserves Keizer’s small-town feel

To ensure your voice and priorities are heard if you did not see them listed here, take the survey and make them heard. 

To ensure your voice and priorities are heard if you did not see them listed here, take the survey and make them heard. 

The survey can be accessed by clicking on the following link: 

For more information, contact Melissa Bisset at 503-856-3412, or visit the strategic plan page at

Contact Quinn Stoddard
[email protected] or 503-390-1051

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