Local pizzeria lets patrons pay it forward

The Pay it Forward Board at Figaro’s Pizza houses multiple orders already paid for that are available for those in need. (LYNDON ZAITZ/Keizertimes)

Figaro’s Pizza in Keizer offers its customers a chance to pay it forward by purchasing pizzas for those in need. 

A board next to the register at the store in Creekside Shopping Center, at the corner of River Road N. and Lockhaven Drive, features forms with the name of the donor, the item purchased and who it is meant for, such as “A Hungry Person,” or a specific person, such as a first responder. 

Store owners Dan and Nikki Hughes implemented the project after reading about a New York restaurant that did something similar. Hughes began Pay it Forward at his store just before the COVID pandemic stopped the world. It took off during COVID, with dozens of patrons purchasing pizza and other offerings for people short on money or in need of a meal. 

Hughes said his Figaro’s outlet is the only in the company with such a program and that the Keizer store staff is 100% in support of it. 

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