Rosalie’s Cows moooove in

The cows are out. Keizer’s newest public art was installed last weekend at the Chemawa Road-Verda Lane round-about. 

Rosalie’s Cows, four colorful, steel whimsical, dancing cows, is now available for drivers and pedestrians at the round-about to see. The cows were designed by Oregon artist Tara Choate. 

A dedication ceremony for the art was held at Keizer’s 40th birthday celebration at the community center on June 17. 

The art is named in honor of Rosalie Herber, who lived on the family dairy farm on Verda Lane above Claggett Creek Park. 

The farm’s cows were a popular sight as they grazed on the grass overlooking Claggett Creek. The farm was sold and an apartment development is being constructed on the site. 

Descendents of Herber were in attendance at the dedication, including children, grand- and great-grand children. 

The Keizer Public Arts Commission is planning to install a kiosk at the nearby park to explain the art and highlight Herber.