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The Whiteaker Word

Whiteaker band

By: Rowan Keeling

Band is a popular class at Whiteaker Middle School. The school has 4 bands: Jazz, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Band member, Monroe Hinkley, says her favorite thing about band is, “It is fun, and the music is super exciting.” Colin Graham remarks, “The best part is Ms. Bell because she is energetic, pushes us to our limits and she is always there if you need her.” Addison Potter likes, “being able to learn about music and to understand it.” Another band member, Alexa Kilby, explains, “The melody and songs are so wonderful, you want to stay and play more.” Currently, the intermediate band is playing “Red Giant”, “Dragon Lord”, and “When Summer’s in the Meadow.”
The exceptional instruction and engaging melodies make
Whiteaker Band a favorite for both students and audiences.

What kids are eating: a look at school lunches

By Colin Graham

School lunches have always had a pretty bad name, but the truth is different. School breakfasts and lunches at Whiteaker are free and have a variety of food choices. For example, in April the middle and high schoolers will have a choice of sweet treats like and glazed donuts. Other savory options include, turkey sausage and cheese biscuit, breakfast bowl, egg or a cheese breakfast sandwich. Students will have delicious and tasty food choices throughout the month.
Also in the month of April, the middle schools (except Houk and Stephens) have five different lunch food options. The students can choose to get pizza, a sub rap, a burger, or burritos, tacos or nachos. Everyday it is something different so students have the opportunity to try new things. Fresh fruits and vegetables are provided for sides at the salad bar. Low fat, fat free, and chocolate milk are given as an option for every meal.
School lunches and breakfasts are actually a good option.