Mannix for District 21

Keizer voters will choose between two candidates for state House District 21 in the general election: the former state reprepresentative, Republican Kevin Mannix, and Democrat Ramiro Navarro.

Issues topping voters minds range from crime to the homeless crisis to inflation to affordable housing. All these issues and others must be addressed by the state legislature. There are two solutions to every problem: more money and political will. Voters don’t want to pay more in state taxes, so that leaves political will. For that reason we endorse Kevin Mannix for election.

In his previous legislative career, Mannix authored more than 100 successful bills. Some of those included fixing laws, repealing bad laws and addressing new issues. Whether in the majority or the minority come January, Mannix will have the history, the relationships and the will to tackle the tough issues.

Ramiro Navarro has many sup- porters in the district. He sits on the Cherriots Board of Directors, owns a small business and has been involved with military veteran’s programs. He has been forthcoming about his past arrest and conviction on a drug charge, which is why he defended hiring a registered sex offender to his campaign staff—citing the need for second chances. This will be troubling for some voters.

It was unfortunate that Navarro missed out the candidate’s forum held in Keizer last week. It would have an opportunity to explain himself.

Navarro is passionate about serving the public. He can continue his public service without being elected to the legislature.

Kevin Mannix was the architect of Measure 11, the voter-approved ballot measure that created mandatory sentences for violent criminals. Public safety and law enforcement are still top priorities for him. Growing the state’s economy is important to Mannix. He wants to trim back excessive taxes and simplify regulations that hurt business, especially when it comes to attracting new business to the state. Mannix’s views align with those of District 21 residents. He has proven himself before, let him prove himself again.