Walgreens to acquire Bi-Mart’s pharmacy business

Bi-Mart and Walgreens announced today that the pharmacy store chain will acquire Bi-Mart’s pharmacy business including pharmacy patient prescription files and related pharmacy inventory of 56 pharmacies across Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

Prescription files from most Bi-Mart pharmacies will transfer to nearby Walgreens pharmacy locations.  

“This decision, while difficult, is strategically important as we move to strengthen our solid financial position and expand our plans for future growth in the Northwest,” said Rich Truett, president and CEO, Bi-Mart. “Bi-Mart’s core business is healthy and strong, however over the years factors such as increasing costs and ongoing reimbursement pressure has led in part to our decision.”

 “We look forward to welcoming Bi-Mart patients to Walgreens pharmacy services, as well as providing employment opportunities to Bi-Mart pharmacy associates in available positions throughout our stores where they can continue to meet the needs of their patients,” said Rob Ewing, regional vice president, Walgreens

The companies expect the prescription file transfers to begin in October and be complete by January 2022. 

Patients whose prescriptions are being transferred will be notified by mail, and both companies will work together to help ensure a smooth transition for pharmacy patients. Once patient prescriptions are transferred from Bi-Mart to Walgreens, patients will have access to Walgreens pharmacy services across a network of more than 9,000 pharmacies nationwide.