LETTER: A constant source of amusement

To the Editor:

Representative Bill Post is a constant source of amusement. Every now and then he makes sense. Like for instance when he suggested to the head case adolescents (aka Proud Boys) that intimidating state employee—in front of their homes —was bad form. 

Ah, but then, Post (and state Sen. Kim Thatcher) signed on to a formal request to Oregon Attorney General Ellen Roseblum to support Texas’ ridiculous and baseless challenge to the November election. Fool’s errand indeed, but if you pledge allegiance to the lame duck loser and his bamboozled base, “Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.”

Another example: Post promoted the Angela (7.9%) Roman/Three Percent “Maskless Santa” gathering at the gazebo at the (Keizer) Civic Center. An irresponsible (some would say stupid) holiday nod to the reality-challenged. Looks like Post is pretty chummy with “entertainer” Roman and her laugh-a-minute militia. Funny guy, Post. He should be on the radio.

Martin Doerfler