State launches ‘two weeks ready’ campaign

If nothing else, the pandemic has taught us to be prepared for anything. 

That is why Oregon state officials are encouraging all residents to prepare for and enact a “two weeks ready” plan. 

In the case of an earthquake, tsunami, power outage, or any other emergency, many places and roads will be closed. It is recommended that people plan two weeks ahead by stocking up on supplies like food, water, pet supplies, toiletries and more.

In the event of an emergency, it is advised that people prepare with a first aid health kit if first responders are unable to reach you. This kit should include instructions about how to help someone in specific health issues, health documents, a flashlight, tape, bandages and anything else that might be beneficial for your family.

Everyone in your household should know where to find the kit and how to use the materials inside. It is also recommended to keep a kit in your house, at work and in your car.

For family members with pets, it is a good idea to prepare a kit with food, toys, a carrier crate, medicine and health records. Talk to neighbors about taking care of yours pets if you are out of town and find pet-friendly hotels on your emergency route. 

Oregon’s Office of Emergency Management encourages families to discuss plans in case of an emergency and answer the following questions: Do you have back-up transportation methods and routes? Who will care for the kids, grandparents and pets if you are unable to get to them for several hours? Who in your neighborhood has medical skills, a generator, a chainsaw, or other important tools or resources? Do you have an out-of-state contact?

Answering these questions and having a prepared plan can save your life and the lives of those around you. In any case, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.