A message for The Rapping Duke

Dear Duke, 

To be honest, we weren’t sure what to think when you arrived out of the blue last Thursday. 

With your hat pulled low over dark sunglasses and a pristine white bandana covering any other identifying traits, we couldn’t help but wonder what brought The Invisible Man to our office. 

We get a fair share of quirky visitors – and we adore them all – but you were unique in so many smile-inducing ways. (If you are a woman, Duke, kudos on the lengths to which you went to disguise it.)

Without a word, you placed a small piece of folded paper in the hand of one employee and another on the desk of our receptionist. Then you vanished as quickly and quietly as you appeared. 

Our employees opened the paper with some trepidation, only to discover notes wrapped around $20 bills that read, “Lunch on me. From the Rapping Duke.”

Delight and astonishment took the place of fear, then something else happened. Both of our employees almost immediately began devising plans to re-gift the money you so generously left in your wake. 

Leah plans to donate your gift to the Keizer Community Food Bank.

Lori paid for the person behind her in line at a local fast food restaurant. It’s something she’s always wanted to do and your gift brought the dream to fruition.  

All of this is to say, we see you, Duke. 

We may not know your name or how to describe you to our readers, but we see your heart. It’s big and bold and pulsing with the kindness and goodwill that fuels the work we do at the newspaper. 

Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us, and for inspiring the employees you bestowed with gifts and the collective staff of the paper. 

Keep doing good work and we will too. 

In kindness, gratitude and boundless respect, 

The staff of the Keizertimes