Volcanoes make return to KYKN

Mitche Graf, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes president of business operations, announced at the organization’s winter sports banquet on Feb. 7 that the team has entered a new multi-year radio partnership with 1430 KYKN, returning Volcanoes games to the station after an absence of more than a decade.

KYKN was the flagship station of the Volcanoes for their inaugural season in 1997 and their partnership continued for 11 seasons through 2007. During those years, the Volcanoes won four Northwest League championships, including back-to-back championships in 2006 and 2007.

To cap the impressive run, the Volcanoes were named the National Minor League Team of the Year in 2007 and posted a Northwest League all-time record of 57-19.

“We as a staff are dedicated to bringing the Volcanoes back to their glory days. The franchise has a very impressive and storied history and KYKN was our partner for those successful formulative early years. Bringing KYKN back in the fold, is just one of many moves this off-season to excite and re-energize our terrific fan base,” said Graf.

The agreement is for three years, running through 2021.

“We could not be happier to once again be involved with the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes,” said KYKN owner Mike Frith.

“In the beginning the Volcanoes were a bit of a gamble – not knowing what the franchise would become. However, after 22 years in the community, they have entrenched the Volcanoes’ brand throughout the area and have cemented their legacy with their good works, commitment of time, money, resources and has created overall goodwill throughout the region. These are all attributes that we at KYKN are proud to be associated with.”

Volcanoes’ co-owner Jerry Walker added: “We could not be more excited to return to KYKN. Mike and his staff are first-class all the way. This partnership will be a benefit to all involved especially our fans and marketing partners. The meaning of this cannot be overstated. Everyone will know the Volcanoes along with KYKN are back.”