REVIEW: The Hunt for History

“The Hunt for History” by Nathan Raab. c.2020, Scribner $30.00 / $39.99 Canada 251 pages Burn. Toss. Recycle. Deal with later. It was easy to go through that box of papers you found because most of it went in the first three categories, junk, junk, trash, and lots of it.[Read More…]

“Becoming Bulletproof” by Evy Poumpouras

“Becoming Bulletproof” by Evy Poumpouras c.2020, Atria $27.00 / $36.00 Canada 323 pages Every schedule, every plan you made in February was shot. March began and in about three weeks’ time, life changed in big ways and small, calendars were tossed, and things got scary. Maybe they still are. So how did you deal with the virus, its[Read More…]