Author: Andrew Jackson

Why I never!

Never have I seen the incomparable Paula Abdul in concert, or an epic WWE pay-per-view in person — or ever been blinded by the flashbulbs of an NBA All-Star Weekend. I’ve never bought a home, a boat, an RV, or even a riding lawnmower for that matter. At no time,[Read More…]

A wish list for Keizer

This week, some friends and I put our heads together to create a Christmas wish list for Keizer. Many of these are food-centric but hey — we like to eat. Here is the list, in not-so-catchy holiday song format: On the first day of Christmas, our city gave to thee:[Read More…]

The elusive ornithorhynchus anatinus

By ANDREW J. JACKSON Don’t ask me how to pronounce “ornithorhynchus anatinus.” That tongue-twister is the scientific name for the platypus — a duck-billed, semiaquatic egg-laying mammal.  It looks like a sort of duck-beaver hybrid. Something all sports-enthused native Oregonians should strive to be – yes, even if you attended[Read More…]

Here’s your sign

9 a.m., Saturday. You’re inside your living room when a black pickup cruises past your home slowly. The couple inside the truck is eyeballing your home, scoping out the scene.  Good thing you’ve installed a surveillance cam on the front porch.  Are they porch pirates? Too bad you don’t have[Read More…]