Keizer Station altercation

(More information will be added to this story as it is discovered.)

On March 15th, Keizer Police arrested four minors and one adult for charges dealing with an altercation that occurred in front of Massage Envy in Keizer Station. 

Involved were four Salem minors, two fourteen-year-old males and two fifteen-year-olds and 20-year-old Justine Dwight Gonzales, as well as 26-year-old victim Justin John Caughell. 

According to police records and Marion County District Attorney spokesperson Brendan Murphy, the four minors and Gonzalez were arrested for riot and assault in the third degree.

Christopher Whitfield, a witness, noted that the incident happened all of the sudden towards the end of his work day. 

Whitfield described how, while at work, he heard a commotion and looked up to see the victim, Caughell, being tackled by a group of what he described as around 8-10 people, though he was unsure if they were all minors or adults. 

Before stepping outside, Whitfield stated that he saw the group kicking Caughell in the sides and hitting him in the head. 

When Whitfield stepped outside and shouted at the group they began to disperse and run towards the Gentle Dental office nearby. 

He described how Caughell was having a seizure after the incident so Whitfield, staying calm, stayed with the injured and had bystanders who came to see what happened notify police and emergency services about the incident.

Whitfield noted that Caughell had a large bump on his forehead after the incident occurred. 

The charge of “riot” is available to law enforcement when someone “unlawfully and knowingly, while participating with five or more persons, engages in tumultuous and violent conduct, creating a grave risk of causing public alarm,” according to Murphy. 

Murphy did not provide any information about what led to the altercation occurring. 

Caughell was taken to Salem Health following the altercation and later released, according to a press release from Keizer Police Department.

Murphy declined to specify the status of the victim when asked.

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