New SKSP Superintendent pens community letter on first day

Dear Salem-Keizer,

Today is the first day of my first week as a superintendent and a member of the Salem-Keizer Public Schools family. I started my morning reflecting on my family’s story across three generations, a story shaped by the forces of hard work, faith, and belief in the power of education and learning.

My grandparents shifted our family’s economic trajectory by prioritizing education for their children. My parents’ generation built on their parents’ hard work, earning high school diplomas and college degrees, serving in the military, and mastering skilled trades.  And now, as a parent myself, I have done all I can to build a choice-filled life for my own children – a standard I hold equally for every student in Salem-Keizer Public Schools. 

It is a privilege to lead Salem-Keizer Public Schools, and I feel hopeful about and a steadfast commitment to the work we will do together. During my first 100 days and beyond, I commit to:

  1. Putting in the work on behalf of students, staff, and families of Salem-Keizer.
  2. Building bridges through respectful and curious engagement with others.
  3. Acting with urgency and integrity.
  4. Honoring past successes and celebrating progress.
  5. Finding and cultivating joy and fun in our daily work.

Salem-Keizer students, families and educators have accomplished incredible things. I look forward to our shared celebrations as we progress toward our goals, overcome challenges, and provide our students with a choice-filled life.

Para servirle. In service,

Andrea Castañeda, Superintendent

Salem-Keizer Public Schools