KeizerFEST in review: Saturday

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KeizerFEST Car Show Winners:

Best 1930s or Older: Nancy Wilson – 1935 Chevy Master Touring

Best 1940s: Lee Evenson – 1946 Chevy Pickup

Best 1950s: Butch Ramsdell – 1959 Ford Galaxy

Best 1960s: Ken Van Devender – 1962 Corvette

Best of 1980s: Gerry Adams – GMC Pickup

Best Truck: Tom Scherf – 1936 Dodge

Best Rat Rod: Amanda Resler – 1968 Ford F-350

Crown the Hound Winners:

Best Small Pet: Smores (Owner: Pam)

Best Large Pet: Phoebe (Owner: Kim Steen)

Most Unusual: Gus (Owner: J.W. Smith)

Most Colorful: Denny (Owner: Carmen)

Best Dressed Duo: Denny (Owner: Carmen)

Best Pet in Show: Primrose (Owner: Hanna)

Breed Spotlight:  Basil, Scottish Terrier  (Owner: Suzanna)