Local farm offers free gardening classes

Bauman Farm and Garden is located on Howell Prairie Rd. in Gervais and is open to the public Monday-Saturday, 9-5.

Long-time Keizer residents likely already know all about Bauman Farm and Garden in Gervais – their pumpkin patch has been an October favorite for decades – but you may not know they offer gardening classes throughout the spring.

They kicked off the season with an open house last week, featuring three gardening classes on Saturday, March 26. Local horticulturalists Laura Rowles, Carissa Romanini and Allison Pennell gave classes on how to raise a cut flower garden, how to manage an edible garden, and how to incorporate pollinating into gardening practices.

The speakers dispensed advice on which plants are best to start from bulbs vs. seeds, offered resources for when to plant edibles and answered questions from local gardeners and enthusiasts.  

The farm’s owner, Rick Bauman, said they are just getting started for the season and plan on continuing classes and other special events throughout the spring. More information can be found at the Bauman Farm and Garden website: