Gridlock at Keizer Station

Maurice’s was one of several Keizer Station businesses who closed down for part of the day rather than force employees to deal with the expected traffic problems.

If you had any business anywhere near Keizer Station today, you probably spent several hours sitting in traffic, as the “Reawaken America Tour” opened for the first of a two-day event at Volcanoes stadium.

Ulali Dr. congestion around Keizer Station.

In a strange juxtaposition, commuters in and around Keizer Station were met today with gridlocked traffic and nearly empty parking lots. Hundreds of drivers were stuck for hours on April 1, on Keizer Stadium Blvd. and Ulali Dr.. The Cherriots system was forced to temporarily stop bus-routes (routes 11, 12 and 14) as passengers were unable to reach the transit station entrance off Chemawa Rd.

Local protestors gathered to share their objections to the rally slated to go through April 2.

In anticipation of the event, some Keizer Station businesses adjusted their hours to account for the expected traffic problems, or simply didn’t open their doors – larger stores, such as Lowe’s and Target, may still be open – customers are advised to call first.

Four members of the Proud Boys – they would not speak to Keizertimes and would only allow a photograph with their backs turned to the camera.

An eclectic group of protestors gathered along Ulali Rd., about 100 yards from the event entrance to express their objections about the rally to the waiting rally-goers and mall customers who crawled by in the gridlock. The crowd sported LGBTQ+/Pride flags as well as signs reading “Stolen Land,” “Say no to racism” and “This is Kalapuya land.” Across the street, but keeping their distance, was a small group of Proud Boys. Both groups refused to speak to Keizertimes.