Day’s decorum

I’m writing in response to the Keizer City Council meeting last night and the behavior displayed. In just four short months, Councilor Ross Day has established a pattern of behavior unbecoming of a city councilor. He shouted down a constituent attempting to respond to his line of questioning during the April 19 council meeting. 

This isn’t the first time he’s treated council chambers like a courtroom. His behavior appears to be at odds with Council Rules of Procedure 5.2 outlining expected decorum during meetings, “Council members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the dignity of their office.” 

Perhaps censure or a statement of concern is warranted? I believe it’s absolutely fair to wonder about Councilor Ross being held to the exact letter of the law he seems so concerned about holding others to. The Procedures should be followed, but if they’re not to be used as a weapon against others, all need to be held accountable to them.

LaTonya Gibbs