Cancel the culture

Who is the cancel culture ? Whoever these “elites” are — they are forcing their agendas, values, ideas, beliefs on the basic fabric of American culture. They are attacking history, language, statues, founding fathers, anthems, the flag, books, mascots, Title IX, law and order, right and wrong, male, female, gender roles, cartoon characters, toys and on and on with no end in their sights. Everything is open and fair game for cancellations with more on the way.

One of the latest cancels is, breast milk. Okay, cow’s milk, goat milk, camel milk, whale milk—milk is milk, it all comes from mammary glands on mammals. So, what should human milk now be called? Man’s milk — ouch ! Don’t think so. These cancelers must have flunked Biology 101 let alone have any real world experiences or common sense. All these cancellations have commonalities: everything old as well as history is bad, intolerance of diverse values, lack of respect for others, lack of common sense, and distractions from real American social issues or problems.

No matter the history — good, bad, or ugly — it can’t be changed — don’t spin it, rewrite it or cancel it. History is history, deal with it, then learn and grow from it. Canceling just means man just falls back into the same old pitfalls and mistakes of humans. Oops, that’s history.

Cancel culture seems to be the current “in thing.” The current cool, fashionable fad, the vogue. If given their way, they will rewrite everything, all must “think” like them. ‘Group think,’ like sheep — no thinking for yourself. Sink holes, quick sand, under tows, whirlpools take us down- not good paths to be in or follow. That’s where America is headed. The so called “know-it-all elites,” the cancel culture will soon cancel even themselves out.

Common sense and life-wise people must speak up and speak out, otherwise cancel culture will continue to cancel American culture. Values, truths, traditions, freedoms and beliefs that built America. Soon, if not already, they will even cancel God. Many cancel culturists have never opened the Bible’s Book of Proverbs- the Wisdom book. I dare the “elites” to study Proverbs.

Americans wake up. Now is not the time to be silent. Rise up, speak up, speak out to “cancel” the cancel culture. If not they will destroy America’s history and destiny. After all we’re all Amer-I CANS, because we as American’s CAN!

(Robert L. Becker lives in Gervais.)