Hunger doubled in last 12 months

Supplemental food boxes have flown off trucks and shelves in Keizer and throughout the state last year.

“It’s the worst rate of hunger we have seen in a century,” said Oregon Food Bank (OFB) CEO Susannah Morgan.

The OFB is also advocating for legislation to help ease the hunger rate in Oregon. Morgan said the pandemic has made it harder for a lot of Oregonians to pay rent and stay in their homes.

OFB is pushing for an extension of the foreclosure and rent moratoriums, and more funding to address emergency housing and homelessness.

“We know hunger is a function of all the things a family needs to afford,” Morgan said. “Rent or food? If we can help ensure people can stay in their homes and are also able to meet their rent, they will be more food secure.”

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Assistance to families in need should register for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, formerly known as food stamps. Apply for SNAP benefits at

Source: Greg Retsinas/KGW TV