LETTER: Support for Bill Post

To the Editor:

Being a self-employed hairstylist during this pandemic has been anything but easy. Like many “non-essential businesses,” I was forced to shut down. Being that COVID-19 had already taken a toll on my business, prior to the shut down, I was forced to use my savings to pay bills. 

I began to file for unemployment, as advised, at the end of March. When I was finally able to return to work with limited clients due to the restrictions in place, I still had not heard from unemployment. I spent 30-40 hours waiting on hold, trying daily to reach anyone at the department. 

I finally reached out to my state representative, Bill Post, via Facebook and asked for his help. He then told me to email his legislative office and his staff would assist me. 

I had a response in less than two days! His staff asked me for certain information and said she’d do her best to help. She touched bases with me every other week or so. It took a month and a half, but with the help of Rep. Post and his staff, I finally received my unemployment. 

Bill is a stand-up-for-us kind of guy! He cares about his constituents and he has a well-run office that demonstrates this!

Brandy Wainwright