LETTER: District 25 needs new representative

To the Editor:

Bill Post took office in 2015 on a wave of Tea Party enthusiasm and vowed to make Oregon government “accountable” to the people of House District 25. Each election season he repeats the same vow. And each cycle he delivers anything but accountability.

We don’t have representation in HD25. We have an ideologue who pines for his glory days on right-wing talk radio. We have a person five years into his gig and he still hasn’t demonstrated the ability or capacity to lead or to perform core functions of his job. He hasn’t even crafted or passed a single piece of meaningful legislation. To the people of Keizer, Newburg, St. Paul and the rest of HD25 – please take a chance on creating different outcomes for our district. 

Let’s see what happens when we send someone to Salem willing to do actual work. Someone who is willing to stick around when tough votes come up. Someone who doesn’t use vitriol and divisiveness as a placeholder for progress. Bill Post might be the familiar choice, but since 2015, we’ve been on the sidelines in Salem while others make laws that impact our lives.”

Andrew Hickey