LETTER: Bill Post is the right choice

To the Editor:

I have known Representative Bill Post since his talk radio days. He focused on local and state issues then, and he focuses on local and state issues now. 

I have had the opportunity to see how he is in the public forum and when talking privately. He is the same friendly, reliable person no matter what the situation. Representative Post gets high marks for his conservative stances, yet he will also step across the aisle to work on legislation with his counterparts in the House of Representatives. I have written Representative Post, on more than a few occasions, with concerns I have had, including legislation that he proposed on my behalf. He is straight forward and honest with his point of view and clear about what he may, or may not, be able to do about the issue.

While Bill Post may represent his constituents in the House, he does not believe his role stops there. He works hard to represent his constituents and to share needed information with them. He is remarkable at keeping the people of House District 25 informed on legislation and what it really means to the people of his district, and the state. I know I will be voting for Representative Bill Post on November 3rd and I encourage you to do the same. Bill Post is the right choice for House District 25 and the State of Oregon.

Michael Pantalone