New workout equipment headed to city’s parks

New fitness equipment was installed at Meadows Park earlier this month (KEIZERTIMES/Lauren Murphy).

Two years ago, Jeff Davis had the goal of putting exercise equipment in every park in Keizer.

Now, Davis is close to having his plan come to fruition.

After spearheading the project to put a seven-station gym in Claggett Creek Park and Country Glen Park last summer, Davis is working on completing phase two of his plan, which will put exercise equipment at Keizer Rapids Park, Wallace House Park and Meadows Park.

“It’s all really exciting. I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. The parks board was definitely supportive of the plan,” Davis said.

Davis, a local financial advisor and workout enthusiast, wants workout equipment to be available for all members of the community at any time, which is how he came up with the plan to help build workout centers in Keizer parks.

“I am used to working out every day, so when the gym was closed one day, I decided to try and be creative and workout at the park. It turned out, what I had the ability to do at the park was pretty limited. That’s what led me to this idea,” Davis said. “Having workout equipment in a park makes it accessible for everyone. I feel like it will be especially helpful for parents, who can workout and watch their kids play at the same time.”

Davis started chatting with city officials and representatives back in 2018 about his idea. Then, in February of last year, he received the endorsement of the Keizer Rotary Foundation for $25,000 over two years and approval for a $10,000 matching grant. Davis has also received cash and material donations for the project, which will cost just over $36,000.

The exercise stations that will be at Meadows Park and Wallace House Park will be nearly identical to the equipment that was installed at Claggett Creek Park last summer. The seven-station multi-gym, produced by Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems, will enable users to do regular or assisted chin-ups and dips, knee raises, back extensions, squats, push-ups and calf raises.

Davis admitted that the equipment that will be installed at Keizer Rapids Park will be bigger and have a more robust setup that will feature a sit-up station, Swedish ladder, knee-lift machine and have a multitude of other uses.

Originally, phase two was supposed to begin in the spring, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the second phase, which will now take place over the summer and fall.

The exercise equipment was installed at Meadows Park earlier this month, while the equipment at Wallace House Park and Keizer Rapids Park isn’t scheduled to be completed until late-September.

“I feel that this will be beneficial for the people that live in the neighborhoods near these parks and for many in this community,” Davis said.