Letter: Natural laws

To the Editor:

There is a force, a law, that exists throughout the universe. It is constant and unrelenting. It is Entropy. Some of its pathways include corrosion, decomposition, decay, radiation, erosion, gravity and chaos. Entropy serves to reduce and return higher forms of energy to the lowest form of energy.

For example, if you change iron into steel (an energy input), corrosion instantly begins the process of returning the alloy back into iron oxide or rust. If you build a bridge or a building or a road, upon completion it immediately begins to disintegrate. Due to chaos, weather patterns are not totally predictable.  

Once built, mountain peaks and ranges erode and eventually fill valleys with their rock and soil. Higher forms of life devolve into lower forms of life and so on.  

Entropy can not be stopped. At best it can be held at bay and the inevitable postponed. But it takes great effort, investment, and maintenance to keep our infrastructure in place, in good repair and usable. This is one of the reasons that we pay taxes. 

Similarly, without constant great effort, goodwill and the best of intentions, organizations, large and small, fall into chaos and disintegrate. Societies crumble. Pandemics, riots, violence and destruction are symptoms.

We should be more caring and thoughtful about our actions and our inactions. Life is fragile. Planet Earth does not care if life exists or not. With or without humanity, earth will continue to rotate about its axis and revolve around the sun. The privilege of our continued “ride along” is up to us.

Jim Parr