Teacher parades planned

Teacher Cortney Clendening from Clear Lake Elementary School, destined now to do distance learning, went on parade Friday, April 3, in Keizer to say hello to students. (Diane Beals/Salem Reporter)

Teachers at Forest Ridge and Gubser Elementary Schools will parade through the neighborhoods they serve on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Gubser teachers plan a parade beginning at noon on Tuesday, April 7.

Forest Ridge teachers will parade through the neighborhoods they serve beginning at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 8.

Teachers will be in their vehicles for both parades. Routes for each parade are below.

Camden, 6, was ready for when Clear Lake teachers cruised his Keizer neighborhood on Friday, April 3. (Diane Beals/Salem Reporter)


R onto Whisper Creek

L onto Hidden Creek

R onto River Road

R onto McGee ( Hawk’s Point apartment complex)

R onto Country Glen (becomes Horizon Ridge)

S all the way down to end of Horizon Ridge (cul de sac)

L onto Ridgetop Dr

L onto Country Glen

L onto River Road

L onto Manzanita St

L onto 11th Ave

R onto Manzanita Way

R onto 13th Ave

L onto Manzanita St

S across 14th to Manzanita St

R onto 17th St

L onto Marigold

R onto Manzanita St

L onto McLeod

L onto Meadowlark Dr

S across 14th to Meadowlark Dr

C Meadowlark Dr becomes Mistwood

S across 14th to Mistwood

L onto McLeod

L onto Stonehedge Dr

R onto 14th St

R back to Gubser

Forest Ridge:

Start at Forest Ridge

North on June Reid

Left on Clear Lake Rd

Left on Wheatland

Right on Ridgecrest Dr

Left on Pierce

Left on Russett

Right on Wheatland Rd

Right on Bolf Terrace- loop around

Right on Wheatland

Right on Delta Ct.

Right on Wheatland Rd.

Right on Mistletoe Lp

Right on Wheatland and River Road

Left on Manzanita

Right on Trail

Left on Harmony

Stop before 14th to gather everyone

Right on 14th

Left on Lochaven

Right on Indian School NE

Continue on Blossom Dr

Right on Astoria

Left on Portland Rd

Right on Dover

Left on Blossom Ave

Right on York

Left on Edith

Left on Barbara

Right on Portland Rd

Left on Quinaby

Left on River Rd.

Right onto Parkmeadow

Right on O’neil

Left on Bair

Right on Sophia St to St. Charles

Right on Bair

Right on Keystone Loop

Left on Bair

Left on O’Neil

Right on Murphy

Left on Trebber

Left on Patty

Right on Waterloo

Left on Clear Lake

Left on O’neil

Right on Erika

Right on St Charles

Left on Clear Lake

Left on Timothy

Right on Mykayla

Left on Clear Lake

Left on June Reid

Left on Maddy

Right on Caleb

Left on Harbour

Right on Taurus Loop

Left on Harbour

Right on Dale/Delaplane

Left on Rupp

Left on Wheatland

Left on Pinehurst

Right on Sandpine Loop

Left on Broken Top

Left on Pinehurst and DONE