An update on COVID-19 from Keizer Fire District

Keizer Fire District

Keizer Fire Chief Jeff Cowan shared the following message on Facebook last night regarding COVID-19.

“Hello Keizer Fire District,

On March 5th 2020, our medical personnel transported a patient that has since tested positive for the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

This is the second patient in Marion County and as of this writing there are three cases in our area. This indicates that the illness is already in our community. As a result of this viral exposure to our emergency response personnel; five of our EMS responders must “Self Quarantine” to reduce exposure to you, other responders, and their families.

It is time to take proactive reasonable and rationale steps to protect our community. To be clear- this is a big deal and it is time to take the Corona Virus outbreak seriously.

We have a responsibility to protect our community and we take it seriously as well. We must maintain an effective emergency response staff to respond to emergencies. We are taking all precautions to stop the spread of this illness among the people we serve, our emergency responders, and our families.

You must take steps as well. This is early in the outbreak. We expect more cases. Do the following…

*Take this seriously. Stay informed. Wash your hands. Follow the guidance of medical professionals at the Oregon Health Authority.…/…

This message is to be proactive for our community- to recognize that this situation is real -and in response to the doubters- it is time to take this more seriously.

Jeff Cowan, Keizer Fire Chief.”

KFD also shared that they will be taking proactive steps to protect our community, firefighters, staff and volunteers from additional exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

KFD will be suspending all use of the fire station community room, installation of car seats, fire inspections, fire safety classes and non-emergency activities. We will continue to monitor the situation and reassess the situation in 30 days.