Warren blows past pack in Keizer campaign giving

Democratic presidential Sen. Elizabeth Warren is finding a receptive audience among a small number of supporters in Keizer. 

Warren sailed past every other candidate and President Donald Trump when it came to presidential campaign giving in the third quarter of 2019. Warren raked in $11,845, but Trump still had more donors than other candidates in the 97303 zip code. 

ProPublica recently shared third quarter reports from every state on campaign giving. Keizertimes culled the contributions from Keizer residents for this story. 

Keizerites ramped up giving significantly as the candidate field for the nation’s highest office winnowed. Total contributions to all candidates for the third quarter topped more than $26,000. 

This is how giving broke down for each candidate.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Warren’s whopping $11,845 total was more than double her closest opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Most of her support, $8,670, came from two donors. She had support from six donors overall and an average donation of $423. During the first half of the year, Warren was third among Democrats.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Sanders had the same number of donors as Warren, six, but he fell behind Warren after leading the Democratic pack in the first half of the year. Sanders’ total for the third quarter was $4,999.32 with an average contribution of $294. 

Mayor Pete Buttigeig

The mayor of South Bend, Ind., fell to third place in Keizer campaign giving after runfirst half of the year. Buttigeig raised $3,804.57 from two donors. The average contribution was nearly $346. 

President Donald Trump

Trump led all of his opponents during the first half of the year but now lags behind three Democrats. Tump’s total, $3,224, and average donation, $73, were dwarfed by Democratic contenders, but he had 16 donors – more than twice the number of each of the three leading candidates. 

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Klobuchar’s $1,560 total all came from a single donor in four separate contributions of $390. It was still a marked increase over her Keizer-based support of $190 in the first half of the year. 


Businessman Andrew Yang found support from two Keizer donors totaling $445.78. Sen. Kamala Harris found support from one donor to the tune of $262.84. Noticeably absent from the list of candidates receiving donations from Keizer residents is former Vice President Joe Biden, who leads the Democratic field in many polls.