Proud to be 40 years old

Over the past 75 years Keizer has had two newspapers. The first, the Keizer News, was founded in 1948 and operated until 1969. Keizer went without its own community newspaper for 10 years until John Ettinger established the Keizertimes (we don’t know the origin of the unique spelling) in 1979. We are now celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Les Zaitz and Scotta Callister bought the Keizertimes in 1987. They both left their positions at The Oregonian to purchase the newspaper and carry on the family tradition—our father, Clarence, ran the Keizer News in the 1960s. Ink runs thick through the family’s veins.

All of Les and Scotta’s ideas of what a community newspaper could be were put to practice. The mission of the Keizertimes has remained steadfast—covering the news and information of the seven square miles of Keizer without fear or favor. 

The staff currently working at the Keizertimes are as dedicated as all of them that have been employed here over the past decades. Though we would like to be everywhere, all the time, that is not possible. The community has been generous letting us know of the good news happening as well as concerns.

The Keizertimes has never had an ideological bent—we cover the news as it is. Do we get it right every time? No; but we are the first to admit when we get something wrong and make it right.

The newspaper is also a printed public square. The public is always welcome to share their opinion on the topics of the day. A vigorous discourse and exchange of opinions makes our community stronger and we are honored to play that role for Keizer.

At a time that is difficult for newspapers of every size across the country, this newspaper will continue to succeed because we can get into the nooks and crannies of the city and report on what is important to our readers. We live here, too; we understand our readers are interested in varied issues: city hall, crime, schools, sports and our people, especially our kids.

Keizer is a special place to live. There is a unique spirit that defines the city and its people. The Keizertimes celebrates that spirit with every issue. Every town in America boasts they are the best but we have one thing those other places don’t have: Keizerites. We reflect the best Keizer has to offer.

If someone feels our coverage is missing something, I personally invite to call me directly or drop by for a visit. Whether you want to share an “Atta boy,” or express concerns about something we covered, we want to talk with you; the publisher’s door is always open.

The entire staff here is proud of the newspaper, the special sections and guides we publish. That is why we are mailing today’s issue to more than 13,500 Keizer homes—to show the quality reporting and professional integrity that goes into the Keizertimes.Meet the people who bring you the news on Page A9 of this issue.

We are honored to do what we do and hope you will support your local community newpaper.

— Lyndon Zaitz