LETTER: Ocean pollution

To the Editor:

Ocean pollution has rapidly increased in the past years, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association states, “The majority of pollutants going into the ocean come from activities on land. Natural processes and human activities along the coastlines and far inland affect the health of our ocean. One of the biggest sources is called non-point source pollution, which occurs as a result of runoff. Non-point source pollution includes many small sources, like septic tanks, cars, trucks, and boats, plus larger sources, such as farms, livestock ranches and timber harvest areas. Pollution that comes from a single source, like an oil or chemical spill, is known as point source pollution. Often these events have large impacts, but fortunately, they occur less often. Discharge from faulty or damaged factories or water treatment systems is also considered point source pollution. There are damages: sea creatures dying, loss of habitat, islands in the ocean getting polluted, lastly, unhealthy water. Based off of my life when living on the islands, I’ve already seen and felt the major effects ocean pollution has caused.

One obstacle that will stand in the way of starting is trying to persuade people to helping clean. Second, there will be the need of having money to buy ships for hauling trash. It’s better to start now before it’s too big to handle, according to research, the garbage in the pacific is twice the size of Texas. The world needs to see what’s happening to the ocean/how everyone can help make a change.

Aron Jessy