Be prepared for wildfire season

The levels of evacuation as determined by the Oregon Department of Emergency Management

In preparation of this year’s upcoming fire season, the Oregon Department of Emergency Management (OEM) has created an emergency preparedness guide for Oregonians to help them properly prepare and remain safe. 

The preparedness information covers how to stay informed, and how to create an emergency plan including examples as well as how to properly pack a go-kit in case it is needed. 

People can find an evacuation checklist, wildfire and evacuation maps as well as wildfire preparedness and prevention tips at

“Oregon follows a three-level evacuation notification system structured around the readiness, need and threat level,” OEM Director Erin McMahon said. 

“People should be familiar with the ‘Be Ready, Be Set, Go Now’ evacuation levels and their meaning. They should also evacuate anytime they feel unsafe, as conditions can change rapidly. Being prepared and knowing what to do when you receive an evacuation notice can help keep you and your household safe during a wildfire or other disaster,” McMahon finished. 

Level one: (green on a map) means BE READY to evacuate. It is important at this stage to be aware of possible danger in the area as well as how to properly prepare for it. Different ways to aid gathering more knowledge includes: Signing up for local emergency alerts at to be notified of an evacuation, checking phone settings to ensure wireless emergency alerts are turned on and having an emergency plan that names an out-of-area contact, a meeting place outside of the hazard area, and how to contact each other if separated.

This awareness level also encourages putting together a go-kit of essential health and safety supplies and identification for each person and pet, calling 211 or visiting for shelter options, using or call 511 to map out evacuation routes.

Families with older adults, children, people with disabilities, livestock, pet owners and those with limited access to transportation should consider evacuating at level one.

Level two: (yellow on a map) means BE SET to evacuate. There is significant danger in the area and people should be ready to leave with short notice. Important steps to take at this level include: Continuing to stay informed; checking for updates through  local city and county websites, social media, TV and radio, considering relocating to a safe place outside of the affected area as well as being sure to inform loved ones of plans and destinations.

Level three: (red on a map) means GO NOW – Leave Immediately! The danger at this stage is critical, making staying in the area extremely unsafe. Actions to take at this stage includes: Grabbing the go-kits, following an emergency plan your family has made and leaving as fast as safely possible, making sure to not stop and gather belongings.

It is important to remember that emergency responders may not be available to help those who choose to stay during this wildfire threat level. Finally, make sure to not return to the area until officials announce the area is safe.

To learn more, visit for additional preparedness information.

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