Pet health is pet happiness

Friends of Felines hosted an event with the Little Critters Rescue on Sunday, Oct. 22, at their clinic located at 4157 Cherry Ave. where they provided services to over 400 pets to help improve the life quality of Keizer pets. 

Despite only having one staff veterinarian, multiple services were provided including pet vaccinations, canine flea prevention as well as the implantation and registration of pet microchips which were donated by Little Critters Rescue and Friends of Felines. 

The Friends of Felines clinic conducts community pet check-ups like this twice a year, with the next one coming in the first half of 2024. 

Maintaining a schedule of check-ups for pets is critical to ensure their best quality of life, regardless of their age. According to Friends of Felines Director Chelsey Marks, “during a routine physical exam, the doctor will notify the pet owner of any early signs of disease and early diagnosis will often lead to a more favorable outcome.” 

These checkups remain important regardless of age. Initiating early treatment of disease processes in aging pets is just as important as preventive care for younger pets and both will help to extend the animal’s life. 

Free FVRCP vaccinations, donated by the Petco Love Foundation, are still available by scheduling a $10 health exam for your pet. If you suspect your pet is sick they will not be treated at Friends of Felines but will be referred to a full-service veterinarian clinic. 

Exams are by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling the adoption center at 503-362-561 or by going online to Friends of Felines website