Keizer Chamber, KAA searching for KeizerFEST art

The Keizer Chamber of Commerce and the Keizer Art Associations are seeking entries for the 2023 KeizerFEST original art contest as part of the annual Celebration of Flowers virtual art show.

Entries must include the featured iris, named “Class Ring,” selected by the Keizer Chamber.  

The Chamber sponsors this annual contest to support local artists in concert with the annual KeizerFEST.  A $200 prize will be given to the winning artist. Contest entries may be any medium and must meet the requirements stated for the Celebration of Flowers Virtual Art show.  Intake will be Wednesday, April 27th from 3-6 p.m. in the gallery. Entries may be made on the KAA website, or at intake in the gallery. The winning entry will be announced on Saturday, April 30 at the KAA reception.  Emails will be sent to winner and to KAA members.  

The winning art will be used in marketing and promotional materials for the 2023 festival. 

A picture of the iris is available on the KAA website, KAA Facebook page as well as the prospectus and entry form.

For information visit