Herrera receives peers’ memo of concern

On Monday, May 17, the Keizer City council, minus Mayor Cathy Clark, approved a memo of concern regarding actions by Councilor Roland Herrera the council deemed a violation of its policies.

The memo, which was signed by Herrera prior to the meeting, acknowledges that: he forwarded city emails to his private email account, in one instance violating attorney-client privilege in regard to an employment matter, and he communicated via social media during a council meeting.

Previously, Herrera said that technical issues that reached a head while performing council duties from home, combined with health impairments, led to him forwarding emails to his personal account.

In the letter, he acknowledges that: he will not take any actions or make any statements contrary to the advice of legal counsel concerning city business; that the technical issues have been resolved by the city and there will no longer be a need to transfer emails to his personal account; and agrees not to post to social media during council meetings.

If Herrera takes any actions that violate the letter of concern, he could be subjected to a future council investigation.