Fix in the works for striping

Reflecting pavement markers for hard-to-see lane stripes are planned on Keizer’s main streets

After two ineffective shots with reflective beads, Keizer Public Works is working on a new solution for the hard-to-see lane striping on Keizer’s main drags.

“We put out feelers to get an estimate on installing reflectorized pavement markers (RPMs) for Wheatland Road North and River Road North. It came back at $7,000,” said Keizer Public Works Director Bill Lawyer. “I’m going to move forward with formal quotes, I was definitely surprised at the number.”

Lawyer unveiled the plan at a Keizer City Council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 19.

RPMs are the square, raised reflectors found in other areas near and far. Lawyer plans to have the devices installed on all of River Road and Wheatland Road, and Lockhaven Drive North from River Road to the railroad tracks.

The city will need to issue a request for proposals and then figure out a time when weather is most likely to cooperate.

Councilor Dan Kohler asked why Cherry Avenue was not included on the list.

“I’m not including Cherry right now because it’s getting close to being resurfaced,” Lawyer said.