KeizerFEST artist is only 8 and doing great

Evie McCarthy

Evie McCarthy, 8, entered the annual KeizerFEST iris art competition because she wanted to buy a gift for her sister. 

“I thought if I won, I would earn the money. If I did not win, at least I would have fun,” Evie said. 

 She’s now $200 richer and her winning piece will be on display throughout the annual KeizerFEST, Keizer Chamber of Commerce events and as prints for all of the event’s annual sponsors. 

Evie’s entry is titled Dos Bonitas and features two of the 2021 theme irises named “La Bonita.”

When asked where else she would like to see her work, Evie had big plans.

“I would like to see my artwork on phone cases, stickers, greeting cards and maybe for Schreiner’s Iris custom chocolate bar wrapper cover,” she said.

Each year the Keizer Art Association hosts the contest sponsored by the Keizer Chamber of Commerce. 

While the Keizer Chamber of Commerce staff and board of directors still hope to host the annual event, nothing is set in stone.