Change to Facebook page standards


The past year has been hard on all of us and our country may never have been more divided. We see it week in and week out with the comments that appear on our Facebook page.

The last few months we’ve found ourselves monitoring and watching every thread to be sure that no comments violate our page standards, which takes up time we could be putting into making our paper the best it can be. As a newspaper, we love the first amendment and the freedom of speech. As a business, we’re adjusting our Facebook community standards.

We welcome polite and informed discussion but name-calling – no matter how mild – will no longer be tolerated. Comments that are off-topic to the story they are posted on will be deleted, fights between individuals will be deleted.

If a story angers you, feel free to share it one your personal page, but please do not use the Keizertimes page to wage verbal battles. If you notice your comments are not showing up, there is a possibility you have been banned for violating the new community standards. A ban does not have to be permanent, but please consider it a warning.

We are a small business doing the best we can to weather the pandemic and the economic troubles that came with it. Please consider supporting us by subscribing to the digital or dead-tree versions of the paper so we can continue to provide coverage of your home town. Subscriptions help pay for the team that puts together the paper each week, and supports their families.

If you feel you’ve been unjustly banned, or have any questions, email [email protected] or call the office at 503-390-1051.